a lingering thought explored in each issue




A lingering thought; a distracting idea or obsession; a nagging worry

guppie fish

Each issue of Calepino Magazine explores a singular obsession or ‘calepino’ — tackling the subject in an unsual way that only comes from thinking about something for much too long. Printed in a small edition of fifty copies, each edition includes inserts and extras, and is numbered, assembled, and finished by hand.

Calepino Magazine is an independant publication of the Curbside Museum, a small museum in a fence. Created by Enza Apa and published occasionally, when the calepino strikes.

* The word “calepino” is of southern Italian dialect, specific (I believe) to a small village in Calabria. Uncovering the history and linguistic geography of this word has recently become a new calepino. To be continued….